About Us

At Orthotic Solutions Ltd. our goal is to provide focused quality care. These aren’t just words, they’re a philosophy that we live by. We work in a collaborative manner with our patients and make a point of educating as well as providing treatment to better meet each individual’s needs. Orthotic Solutions also provides clinical treatment at the Glen Sather Sports Medicine Clinic on an ongoing basis. We’ve been providing exceptional treatment to a wide diversity of patients for over 20 years.

We develop orthotic systems that are used to support, correct or replace musculoskeletal functions as a result of physical impairment. These include orthotics for:

  • lower limbs
  • feet
  • upper limbs
  • hands
  • spine

We’re experienced with the most advanced techniques and tools in the industry. A recent acquisition is the Star Scanner which helps in the treatment of pediatric patients with Plagiocephally.

Our treatment begins with a thorough assessment process which allows us to provide highly individualized treatment in a supportive and collaborative fashion. Patient input is a big part of the process and this translates into lasting benefits for each individual that we treat.

We work closely with a network of other healthcare providers to ensure an integrated approach to patient support and management. We are fully accredited and recognized by the AADL, WCB, ABC and NIHB.

We operate a fully integrated Clinic and Design Lab, which allows us to produce light, comfortable and effective solutions using durable, high-tech materials. Each custom solution is individually fitted to maximize patient function and comfort and facilitate a return to active living. We place a great emphasis on client education and after-care support, we want to improve the mobility and quality of your life for the long haul.

Our Team

Andrew Macleod is the owner and manager of Orthotic Solutions. His passion is to help people regain their mobility. Along with a group of dedicated and like-minded coworkers, the staff at Orthotic Solutions are a synergy driven group with a common goal of maximizing patient function and comfort to facilitate a return to active living for each patient.

Andrew Macleod

Edmonton Andrew Macleod enjoys an active lifestyle which includes hockey, cycling and running as well as coaching his children in various sports. He’s dedicated to his family and supports various community interests throughout the Edmonton area.

He has been working in the field of prosthetics and orthotics since 1996 and became a certified Orthotist in 2002. He has a degree from the University of Western Ontario in Physical Education, a diploma from George Brown College as a Prosthetic and Orthotic Technician, and a post degree diploma from British Columbia Institute of Technology in Clinical Prosthetics and Orthotics.

Andrew’s areas of specialty are plagiocephally, pediatrics, sports medicine, partial foot amputation, and lower extremity orthosis. He has worked with national-level athletes in figure skating and soccer as well as professional athletes in hockey, football and soccer. He has been involved with the profession nationally as the residency chair and as vice president and is currently active in a number of committees at CBCPO.



The folks at Orthotics think out of the box. They’ve helped me work through a number of injuries and allowed me to keep playing my sport through some pretty creative bracing solutions. They’re great to have on your team.

Jon S